What is Filtration


What is filtration?

Filtration is the separation of solids or contaminants from liquids or gases by interposing a porous material (called filter elements) so that only the fluid/gas can pass. Filters are integral parts of any systems which contain the fluids (liquids or gases). This process of eliminating contaminants through filtration ensures the reliability and quality of the products. There are also other devices which separate or eliminate contaminants from fluids; coalescers which work on the difference in specific gravity to separate water from oil or vice versa and the recycling separator which utilizes centrifugal force to eliminate solids from gases.


Some fluids may require metal filter elements as they can be high in temperature (>200℃), pressure(>250kg/cm2G)、and viscosity(>3000Poise).


We have been manufacturing and selling mainly metal sintered filter elements since our foundation and our sintered products guarantee accurate filtration performance under the intense operating conditions described above. Customers appreciate our products as eco-friendly because they can be cleaned and recycled without being wasted.


Our uniformly distributed porous filter elements are not only suitable for filtration but also used as the regenerator for the solar thermal generators and auxiliary power Stirling engine thus contributing to creating clean energy.