Recruit Message



The kind of person we are looking for

A positive thinker

A positive thinker who enjoys every situation and tries to cope with it.

Respect for dialogue

We value dialogue with internal and external parties and business partners.

Never set limits

People who can think of ways to solve difficult problems rather than reasons why they can't be done.

Broad perspective and ability to take action

We act with sincerity from our feet up, thinking on a global scale.

Thinking and acting on one's own initiative

They work spontaneously on tasks for which there is no correct answer.

Switching between ON and OFF

Those who can maintain a good balance by doing things when they need to do something and having fun when they need to play.


Recruiter's Message


General Manager, Operations Department, Human Resources Office

Hajime Usui

Deputy General Manager in charge of General Affairs, General Administration Department, Human Resources Office

Junya Komura

We have built success and trust since 1966

and will continue to take on new challenges.

Filters support our life

Usui: I introduce our business to job applicants as an HR representative. In particular, I want them to know that we can work on a worldwide level as an infrastructure provider to support society. For example, various items, such as PET bottles, airbags, and dental implant materials, cannot be produced without filters.

Komura: Filters are not familiar to many people because of their behind-the-scenes position. By directly communicating how much filters contribute to society, we believe that applicants will be able to feel the depth of our business.

We move forward with innovation

Usui: Some of our products are mass-produced on an assembly line, while others are made to order. The interesting aspect of our business is that we can experience the technological innovations in the world. We are always in touch with new technologies because we are involved in our customers' latest products.

Komura: Our products are used in various fields and applications, including the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, home appliance, and IT industries. The wider the range of fields we are involved in, the more issues arise daily. I find it really exciting to struggle to find solutions to them.

Usui: Students who visit our factory are often surprised to find our employees holding lively discussions. In a positive sense, our workplace can renew the image of a typical manufacturing site.

We have had successful records and financial stability

Usui: Since our establishment in 1966, we have operated our business without specializing in any particular field. With the spirit of "NEVER SAY NO," we have taken on various tasks, and fortunately, our products are used in many industries.

Komura: We are proud of the trust we have built with our customers and suppliers and of our stable financial base, as we have had a surplus for years. We cannot take on new challenges without a well-developed environment. I believe these characteristics have helped us maintain a good employee retention rate. The average length of tenure is 14 years, and the attrition rate is about 1%.

We have a personnel system to support long-term careers

Usui: In recent years, we have been focusing on systems related to childcare and family care leave. While the rate of women taking childcare leave is 100%, more and more male employees are also taking childcare leave. As for the latter, employees in their 40s and 50s will inevitably be involved in caregiving. In addition to caregiving leave, we also support employees with relatives living far from them, for example, by covering part of their transportation and care expenses.

Komura: The company dormitory and rented company housing systems have also been well received by employees. Although it is an application-only system, it is easy to use.

Usui: We have an extensive training system. New employees, whether in technical or sales positions, receive one to three months of technical training at our Tochigi Plant. Using "technology" as a common language makes it easier for employees to communicate with relevant parties inside and outside the company.

We create a culture that allows challenge

Usui: We are facing various social issues like climate change and energy problems. To meet the needs of the times, we need to be flexible in responding to changes. We are sure that there are many things we can solve with filters. We want to make our company a place where we can take on more challenges through recruitment and human resources development.

Komura: If you are interested, please feel free to apply for a job with us. It is fine if you know very little about filters. Many employees have learned through their work and are now taking an active part in the company. We have a lot of motivated employees. You will be able to grow in a friendly and competitive work environment.

Usui: The best thing about us is that you can work with originality and ingenuity in various industries and on the world stage. We look forward to welcoming you in an environment that encourages personal growth and allows you to dedicate yourself to exciting work.