Challenge with sintered metal porous media from Space to Ocean, and to your field.

Understand the core of the needs, consider all possible way to make it real.

Friendly product for the stakeholders could be friendly as well for the environment, nature and future life.



As a total engineering company,

we provide a solution

for problems with filters and porous media

Since we were established in 1966, we have provided a total service for high-precision industrial filters and filter systems from development, design, manufacturing and sales. We have supported the business solution to any industry's problems.

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Our filters have been applied to various industries

Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

01 Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

Filtration for OIL&Gas process/Filtration for gas process

Clean Energy

02 Clean Energy

Sustainable Aviation Fuel/Hydrogen/Ammonia/Biomass power generation/Chemical recycling

Chemicals and Polymers

03 Chemicals and Polymers

Polymerization ・ Granulation / Compounds / Films and Sheets / Optical Lenses / Battery Separators / All Solid State Battery Materials

Aerospace and Defense

04 Aerospace and Defense

Oil water separation of aviation fuel/Aviation fuel/Parts for Rocket/Heat exchanger parts for external combustion engines


05 Ships

Marine fuel/Ballast water/LNG・LPG・Ammonia・Hydrogen gas/collection of ocean plastic waste


06 Automotive

Electric Vehicle/ Fuel Cell Vehicle/Fuel injectors/Airbag

Machine Tools and Construction Machinery

07 Machine Tools and Construction Machinery

Hydraulic equipment/Pneumatic components/Oil mist separator for vacuum pumps /Breather/Removal for solid in various machine

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology / Medical Devices

08 Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology / Medical Devices

Raw material of hollow fiber membrane for artificial dialysis/Orthodontic materials/Parts for heart-lung machine/Parts for medical equipment

Food & Beverage

09 Food & Beverage

Soft drinks/Alcoholic drinks/Milk beverage/Cooking oil

Semiconductor and Electrical Equipment

10 Semiconductor and Electrical Equipment

Gas filters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment / Parts for semiconductor assembly process / Parts for heat exchangers

Water Treatment

11 Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment/Cooling water/Seawater treatment

Other Industries

12 Other Industries

We supply our porous body to various industries.


Fuji Filter's business as a contributor to the global industry, history, and efforts for the environment and communities

About our business and products|

About our business and products

About our business and products|




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