Research & Development

The various teams of FUJI FILTER's Research & Development Group are engaged in research & development work over broad spectrum to develop highly rationalized, extremely reliable products.

Research on fluidity analysis of high temperature, high viscosity fluids

Research utilizing ansys flotran analysis of the fluidity properties of polymer in precision filtration systems for high grade polymer such as film, laser discs optical lens, and highly functional fibers, with the objective of creating the optimal filter configuration and fluidity properties.

Development of continuous filtration systems for high temperature, high viscosity fluids

Development of polymer filtration systems that perform continuous filtration by employing an on-line alternating switch-over system of two filter units so that the flow of polymer is uninterrupted under high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity and harsh operating conditions.

Development of porous metal media and development of their applications

Development of porous media featuring pore size distribution matched to application objectives and with the strength to withstand operating conditions, and the development of applications for such porous media using materials such as corrosion resistant and heat resistant alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, monel, Hasteloy, Inconel, and Fecralby according to actual applications and for diverse operational environments and uses.

Development of continuous catalyst recovery systems for high temperature fluidity reaction processes

Development of metal filtration media featuring excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance and with outstanding flushing properties, and development of back flushing system control sequences for the creation of an in-line recovery system capable of continuous operation for one year to recovery minute reaction products or expensive catalysts in high temperature gas reaction processes.

Development of downstream processing systems for biotechnology

Development and validation of separation/refining/concentration systems in compliance with GMP standards including precision filtration systems, ultra-filtration systems, affinity separation systems, and isoelectric point separation systems, all essential for the downstream processing of biotechnology products.

Research & Development