We offer the best solutions for ship issues and themes.

Fine filters for fuel (FO)

Fuji Jet Filter is a marine fuel oil filter system with excellent filter cleaning capability. With the concept of "Dock To Dock Maintenance Free," it offers many benefits to users.

Ballast filter

When large vessels discharge ballast water at the port of arrival, this filter is used to capture various marine organisms (e.g., animal and plant plankton and fragments of seaweed) included in the ballast water.

LNG / LPG / Hydrogen (low and high pressure) gas filters

We can also propose filters for LNG, LPG, and hydrogen, which are used as fuel gases for ships, and for ammonia fuel, which is attracting attention as a decarbonized fuel.

Marine plastic waste collection filters

We are focusing on research and development to contribute to the collection of microplastics at sea.