Semiconductor and Electrical Equipment


We can provide clean and precision filtration accuracy.

Semiconductor assembly process

Our suction blocks have high flat and parallel accuracy, which enables uniform suction over the entire surface in the semiconductor assembly process. SUS and ceramic materials are available, and the shape can be adapted to the user's wishes.

Utility filters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Our filters are used as utility filters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Fine filtration is possible by taking advantage of the characteristics of metal filters for various types of fluids.

Part filters for built-in to electrical equipment

Porous and filter materials are used in various applications as built-in parts for electrical equipment. Porous materials are used in heat exchangers that have a cooling and heat retention effect and in parts that have a sound deadening effect on equipment.  
We produce filters in various sizes, shapes, materials, and filtration precision. Delivery record: Inkjet printers, analyzers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, compressors