Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology / Medical Devices


Medical devices require porous media technology, while the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields require high-yield filtration equipment.

We serve a wide range of niche areas, from upstream to downstream, and from the front lines of medicine to familiar medical devices.


Our downstream processing utilizes the separation and purification technologies we have accumulated over the years and supply ultrafiltration systems and various other systems that are more efficient. The application of tangential flow filtration (TFF) is expanding and the requirements for ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration membrane (MF) properties and reliability are diversifying. Our products have been adopted in new modalities such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and nucleic acid drugs. We also have backwash single-use filters for use in upstream processes such as culture process.

Process filters

Our line filter FVF-A type is a standard pressure vessel that has sanitary specifications and a mirror-polished inner surface in the housing. Elements can be easily replaced using a V-band, and the system is suitable for a wide range of fluids. We have a large number of delivery records in the beverage and medical industries.

Medical devices

This system has been adopted  in a large number for medical applications and as filter parts built into medical devices.

Typical examples:
- Hollow fiber membrane raw material filter for dialysis
- Orthodontic metal brackets
- Porous metal for implant materials
- Part filters for artificial heart (ECMO)-  
- Porous metal for medical instruments used in precision surgeries.
- Sintering of pure titanium (Ti) porous material for implantation in the human body
- Magnesium sintered and non-sintered porous materials for implantation in the human body
*The products above are delivered to medical device manufacturers. Please contact us for detailed delivery record.