Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals


In petroleum and chemical plants, precision filtration is required in all processes from upstream to downstream.

We deliver many products to LNG, fertilizer, ammonia, gas, and other plants.
Listening to requirements and challenges from our customers, we propose the best solutions.

Backwash filters for liquids

The products are introduced in the processes that require continuous operation. For example, in the petroleum refining process, the concentration of solids in the liquid may be high in some cases. Therefore, <FEED FILTER>, which has a unique automatic cleaning function, is used.

Backwash filters for gases

Gas and chemical plants require continuous operation at a high temperature and high pressure. We propose systems that meet various fluid conditions required in the processes of removing foreign matter during continuous operation, recovering catalyst after catalytic reaction, etc.

Centrifuges for gases

Solids and liquids dispersed in gas can be efficiently and accurately separated. Since the effect is achieved using only centrifugal force, the replacement of consumables associated with operation is minimal and high maintainability can be realized.

Coalescers for gases

Removal of dust and aerosols included in gases is important for the refining and gas processing processes in refineries and LNG plants. We have delivered many coalescers in Japan and abroad.

Filters for amines

H2S and CO2 impurities included in natural gas are removed by amine solvents. We have also extensive experience in amine filtration.

Coalescers for liquids

There is a growing need for water removal from various fluids in order to achieve high performance and high quality. We provide the best solutions in accordance with fluid characteristics.

Flame arresters

Our porous material is used as a part of flame arresters, which are used as an important safety device that extinguishes flames and prevents large fires from spreading or exploding in the event of a flame outbreak. We can design and manufacture in accordance with customers' specification requirements.