Machine Tools and Construction Machinery


We realize filtration that can be used even in high-pressure environment.

For hydraulic equipment

We can propose filters that have high strength and correct filtration accuracy and no separation of filter media due to sintering. We have delivered our products to a wide range of industries, from general hydraulic equipment such as forklifts to military helicopters.

For pneumatic equipment

We offer optimal products for applications requiring high filtration efficiency and low filtration resistance.

Foreign matter removal filters for various industrial oils

We offer various materials according to the users' specifications and environment, and prevent oil contamination through precision filtration.

Oil mist removal for vacuum pumps

Fuji Oil Mist Separator is attached to the exhaust port of a rotary or reciprocating vacuum pump to remove oil mist and create a comfortable working environment.

Various breather applications

Attached to fuel tanks, oil tanks, etc., to prevent foreign matter from entering the tank.