Water Treatment


We propose a wide range of water treatment filtration and separation for wastewater, effluent, intake and reclaimed water.

We have delivered many products for filtration of industrial wastewater, concentration of effluent, and recovery of products in liquids. Please contact us if you have any problem with the filtration concerning cellulose nanofiber, condensate (petrochemical), river water, industrial treated water, or cooling water.

Fine filters for water treatment

Our filters are used in various applications such as removal of foreign matter from waste liquids and reduction of load on facilities in the latter stage. For continuous operation of fine filters with fine filtration accuracy, we propose a filter with backwash function.

Coarse filters for water treatment

We propose coarse filters for intake of river water and groundwater that include a lot of foreign matter such as sand and stones. Coarse filters are used in the preceding stage of fine filters to reduce the load on the latter stage, and are also used in cooling towers to reduce the load on the cooling equipment.
Maintenance is easier compared with sand filtration systems, so it can be introduced as a replacement system for existing systems.

Delivery examples:
- For coarse filtration in the preceding stage of fine filters
- Removal of sand and pebbles from river water/well water
- For cooling water in precision machine cooling towers