Food & Beverage


We offer the best filters for filtration in the "food & beverage" process.

Functioning not only as a custom-designed filter but also as an economical standard product container. There are several elements to choose, including sintered metal applicable filters and plastic sterilization filters.

Process filters

Our line filter FVF-A type is a standard pressure vessel that has sanitary specifications and a mirror-polished inner surface in the housing. Elements can be easily replaced using a V-band, and the system is suitable for a wide range of fluids.

Filter elements

In the beverage industry, which requires clear filtration quality, we have delivered resin filter elements used prior to filling beverage containers, resin roughing filters for processes with high concentration of foreign matter, such as tea leaves, fruit juice squeezing waste, etc., and metal steam filters for process equipment sterilization.
* Delivery record to the beverage and food industries: sake breweries, fruit juice drink manufacturers, dairy beverage manufacturers, fried food manufacturers

Liquid cyclone

By incorporating a centrifugal separation system into the filtration process, the system can also handle fluids with high foreign matter concentrations. In addition, our liquid cyclone (LAKOS SEPARATOR) is also used to filter raw water used by sake brewers.