Clean Energy


Working with customers to achieve a decarbonized society


SAF, or Sustainable Aviation Fuel, is produced from biomass fuels such as waste cooking oil, Euglena, and sugarcane as well as municipal waste and waste plastics. Our filters and coalescers are used in the process from producing this fuel to refueling it to the aircraft.


Ammonia is attracting attention because hydrogen can be extracted through decomposition and, as a fuel, it does not emit CO2 when burned. We have a great deal of experience in ammonia filtration.


Hydrogen is attracting attention as an energy source that can be produced from water and does not emit CO2 when burned. We have delivered many filters based on our engineering experience in liquefied hydrogen and hydrogen gas and our products have been used in various processes such as hydrogen production, storage, and transportation, as well as in hydrogen generation equipment

For biomass power plants

Our filters are used in the process of producing gas from charcoal chips and in the collection of dust and catalysts included in a high-temperature gas.

For nuclear power plants

We have long contributed to the safe operation and shutdown of power generation facilities with our reliable quality and technology.

Chemical recycling

Our filters are also used in the field of chemical recycling, where plastic waste is decomposed (depolymerized) and recycled to oil, gas, etc.