Chemicals and Polymers


We meet a wide range of needs from upstream processes to downstream processes.

We deliver filters for various applications, from large-scale mass production facilities such as polymerization and granulation to small-quantity and large-variety production for compounding, film and sheet deposition, etc.
In recent years, precision filtration is required for optical lenses, films such as battery separators, and materials for all solid-state batteries, and we can provide solutions to meet customer needs.

Single polymer filters

Single polymer filters are used in a case of precision filtration where the use of screen changers, etc. is difficult or when the amount of foreign matter is large and a wide filtration area is required. Single polymer filters are available for precision filtration, such as for optical applications, as well as for small-quantity and large-variety production, etc.

Continuous polymer filter

Polymers such as PET are produced in an integrated process from polymerization to spinning. Therefore filters that can be used continuously 24 hours a day without stopping operation are required. The continuous polymer filter has a structure with few stagnant areas to achieve ideal continuous operation.

Dope filters

Our sintered stainless steel filters are used to remove foreign matter such as unreacted material, undissolved material, gelatinous material, etc. in process liquids (low to medium viscosity) and dope solutions in the production lines of chemical products (resins, films, polymers, hollow fiber membranes).  The filters are also available for highly corrosive dope such as concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid.