Fuji Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Petroleum Refining & Chemical Plants
Catalyst recovery filters
Product shipment stage precision filters
Process gas refining filters
Solvent refining active carbon filters
Gas absorbent liquid clean-up filters
Oil/water separator filters
High-temperature gas filters
Mist separators
Precoat filters
Automatic backflushing filters
Recycling separators
Sampling line filters
Sampling probes
Flame arrestors
Feed Filter

Condenser prefilters for nuclear power sector
Radioactive waste filters for nuclear power sector
Coolant process filters for nuclear power sector
High temperature gas filters for nuclear reactors
Solvent sodium trap filters for nuclear reactors
Gas filters for nuclear reactor discharge valves
Fluid beds for nuclear plant fuel
Etching solution filters for nuclear plant fuel
Condensate filters for thermal power stations
Sulfur recovery filters for thermal power stations
Lube oil filters for electric power generation
Low temperature filters for LNG
Hydrogen occlusion alloy filter

Continuous polymerization monomer filters
Batch polymerization monomer filters
Oligomer filters
Polymerization process polymer filters
Spinning process polymer filters
Film process polymer filters
Spinning pack filters
Spinning quench filters
Air rolls
Precision filters for high viscosity resins
Compact spinning testers

Ultra filtration systems (Bio separation)
Precision filtration membrane filters
Production process filters
Nutche filters for product recovery
Basket filters for centrifugal product recovery
Product refining filters for shipment stage
Bacteria elimination (sterile) filters for biochemical use
Aeration filters for biochemical use
Powder and granule conveyor air sliders

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
Hydraulic high-pressure line filters
Hydraulic low-pressure line filters
Suction filters
Air breathers
Check filters for hydraulic valves
Built-in filters for power hydraulic servo-valves
Oil purification PLF filters
Oil reuse clay filters
Aquacon filters for water removal from oil
Air pressure line filters
Air pressure exhaust silencers

Automotive, Aircraft, Marine
Air-bag coolant filters
Direct fuel injection filters
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle filters
Jet fuel filters
Marine fuel jet filters (Fuji Jet Filter)

Vacuum Block
Photovoltaic element filters
Display film filters