Brief History
Fuji Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1966 Company was founded
Aug. 1966 Established Tochigi Factory
Oct. 1968 Started sales of Fujiplate Filters
Feb. 1969 Started production of Fujibon Filters
Apr. 1970 Authorized as a bonded factory, exports commenced
Sep. 1971 Engaged in joint development work with Technical Research Center of Defense Agency
May 1972 Started for Fujiflo powder fluidizing system
Jun. 1973 Developed and commenced sales of Oil Mist Separator
Jan. 1974 Established 13 agencies in 9 overseas countries / Commenced exports to Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia
May 1977 Transferred head office
Oct. 1977 Completed first stage of new plant in Tochigi
Oct. 1977 Established technology development center
Apr. 1978 Introduced electronic beam welding equipment
Oct. 1979 Developed polymer filter system (FPF) and commenced sales
Apr. 1980 Participated in development of aerospace research rocket of National Space Development Agency of Japan (Now Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Apr. 1981 Completed clean room facilities. Developed and commenced sales of precision filters for rockets and Melt Spinning Tester/Entered Business Cooperation with Velcon
Apr. 1982 Developed and commenced sales of non-woven metal fiber filters
Sep. 1983 Participated in ultra filtration development project of / Science and Technology Research Center of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MTI))
Oct. 1984 Developed and commenced sales of ultrasonic filters
Oct. 1987 Introduced UF System
Apr. 1989 Developed and commenced sales of Jet Filter
Apr. 1995 Entered Business Cooperation with LACOS of U.S.A / Introduced LACOS Separator
Aug. 1995 Completed Tochigi Technology Facility
Sep. 1995 Introduced laser metalworking equipment
Apr. 1997 Acquired ISO9001 Certification (Tochigi Factory)
Apr. 1999 Commenced sales of Coolant Filters for Air-bag
Jun. 2000 Completed construction of Second Factory(Mass-Produce Products)
Jun. 2002 Acquired QS9000 Certification
Apr. 2003 Acquired ISO9001 Certification(Head Office & Tochigi Factory)
Sep. 2005 Completed construction of fourth phase of Tochigi Factory
Apr. 2006 The 40th anniversary in company establishment
Apr. 2007 Developed and commenced sales of filters for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Jul. 2007 Founded Naslon Fuji Filter (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. In China
Oct. 2007 Completed construction of Third Factory(Heat Treatment Factory)
Oct. 2007 Developed and commenced sales of titanium filters for medical use
Nov. 2007 Developed and begin commenced sales of fuel injection filters for 200Mpa direct injection engine
Nov. 2007 Developed and commenced sales of Stirling engine regenerator
Jan. 2009 Developed technical support for Bio Diesel
Nov. 2009 Fuji Jet Filter amounted to 1000 units
Jan. 2010 Duplex Polymer Filter systems amounted to 120 units
Oct. 2010 Acquired ISO/TS16949 Certification(Tochigi Second Factory)
Apr. 2011 Acquired ISO14001 Certification(Head Office & Tochigi Factory)
Nov. 2012 Established joint venture company FUJI FILTER KOREA
Jun. 2014 Established Frankfurt office