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Biomass fuel has been receiving attention as the effective eco-friendly countermeasure against global warming. As one of its applications, bio-diesel can be extracted from waste cooking oil and prevent global warming because it is a carbon neutral product.

Shusei Yamada who had previously complete a global tour with his Biodiesel Adventure car, encountered the Tohoku Earthquake in Iwate Prefecture while he was touring around Japan. After the disaster he remained in the area to give support to the recovery of the local economy by planting rapes in the salt damaged farm fields and producing biodiesel from frying oil.

His vehicle is fitted with his own unique oil refining device in the back and it runs on the biodiesel obtained from this device. His voluntary activities range from local school lessons to local revitalization projects. Yamada started his Biodiesel Adventure in order to gain more knowledge and understanding about environmental and energy issues but this project has been extended to various activities to help people recover from the earthquake in Tohoku Area.
Earthysoul is the authorized non-profit organization with the ethos of:
Play with the sea, learn from the sea and return the favor to the sea. By this ethos, Earthysoul intends to provide people with opportunities to become familiar with the sea, learn about the greatness and harshness of the sea and finally maintain a clean and safe marine environment for the next generation.
Their main activities take place in the Chigasaki Beach of Kanagawa Prefecture and the Kujukurihama Beach of Chiba Prefecture. Earthysoul supports environmental preservation as well as nurturing school children in order to create ‘A society where people can have a healthy life while remaining in harmony with nature’.
The organization also gives swimming lessions to children in Tohoku Area and engages in various economic activities with the people in the area and the proceeds from these activities are contributed to the recovery of the earthquake- affected area. We fully support Earthysoul’s acitivies.