Medical Device Parts

Besides filter applications, our porous metals (Fujiloy, Fujifrape,Fujibeyond, etc.) are used for parts of various medical devices including diagnostic devices, treatment tools and steel utensils.
Metals boasting a track record include stainless steel and pure titanium.
Please feel free to contact us for other types of metals.
Building on our experience as medical device parts supplier and extensive technological expertise in various industries, we are well-positioned to meet a wide range of needs for medical device parts, ranging from prototype production, short lead time, mass production, small lot production, with applications, material properties and availability all taken into account. Aiming to obtain Medical Device Manufacturing License and ISO 13485, we are committed to contributing to the development of advanced medical technologies.

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  • line
  • A sintered seamless filter made by winding a single stainles...

  • line
  • A seamless porous tube that can be bent flexibly with finger...

  • line
  • A stretchable seamless tube.• Made by winding wire, it is ki...
  • Titanium Fiber

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  • An ultra-light porous material made by layering and sinterin...

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  • A porous tube made using wires of small diameter.• Due to th...
  • Application Area

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  • Accessible to difficult areas• As a suction tube for narrow ...