Starting on 1st of July, assuming external conditions allow, we will lift the rotation of working from home and a six-day working week.
Tokyo Head Office will open from Monday to Friday with full sales staff on business.

June 24, 2020
From 11th of May, we will reopen our Tokyo Head Office and resume business activities with adequate
measures to protect our employees and customers.
・Tokyo Head Office will open from Monday to Saturday.
・Some of the sales staff will work from home a few days a week, so in case you have their mobile numbers, you may want to contact the personnel directly for your convenience.

We are striving to answer the needs of our Valued Customers and Suppliers amid the ongoing pandemic, at the same time, grateful for understanding for any inconvenience above measures may cause.
Wishing you all the health and looking forward to seeing you when we overcome everything.

May 8, 2020
We extend our condolences to the families of those who have passed away as a result of the novel coronavirus disease, and extend our sympathies to all those who have been infected. We are primarily focused on ensuring the safety of our employees and their families, as well as our valued customers and business partners, in addition to preventing the further spread of the virus. We are also striving to answer the needs of our Valued Customers to the best of our ability, and to minimize the impact of the novel coronavirus on our business. To accomplish these objectives, we reorganized our Tokyo Heal Office as following:
・Our managers and essential employees of Sales Division, Sales Department #1 & #2 have tentatively moved to Tochigi Plant, where a state of coronavirus emergency is not declared, till the end of April.
・Half of employees of Sales Department #1 & #2 are working from home.
Contact Information
・Cellular phone numbers and e-mail addresses of employees are available as before.
・Please be assured that your phone calls and fax orders addressed to Tokyo Head Office are transmitted to Sales Departments in Tochigi Plant automatically.

April 8, 2020